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a child with blue feet, an owl, and ravens perched to the south dreams such things disturbances are made of dreams, dreams of these and other darknesses lead me where, where to go...

the child is crying lonely in her silence a quiet fraught with demons memories darknesses and hurt this child is mine of me is me perhaps how to shield her and heal how to do these things i ask you who are you to dip in this a reader browser did you know what was to find did you or as the others just skimming wander from this to that i think yes that is the you of this but me i wonder too about that child the tall one of full chest and bushy hair so full of poetry and wanting to assist the wounded fallen ones this child of mine a child whos lot so far has been full of pain and abuse who decreed that foretold who set her course in stone i wonder who a god a devil who...

that this could be defeats all explanations justification for your god she is her god and that gods faulty as is mine so many gods that wander and bump into each other so many...her blue feet are marking deep my face my back my soul whatever that word means the blue child dances in her sleep not openly no no but only in secret the blue child writes in silence seeking always reaching out so far only to encounter not the worthy the blue child cries and strikes herself in anger why wherefrom did this poor burden come what did she do i do who decides who pays your god not mine to take her pain i pray as father daemon and the devil i would and could do better than she fares but no chance i have cannot unburden cannot relieve can only love and hold her as she shakes my lot is to watch her shake and try to help her wind her way through the maze never encountered until now...

and so the blue child dances mid her ravens black wrapped wings of sheen on ice now thin then thick and always pain surrounds...a blue child lost child quiet of smile she too will sit mid those whove come to watch and steal Her breath.

Her name is Gvhna (alive), named so because She should not be.

A solemn child, Gvhna came from the south to seek refuge with the Queen. This was so because all that She knew had been destroyed.

Bless the child named Gvhna.

So be this.

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