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kissed by the Gods and thereby flawed midst that flash of Power I should have told her that she was too young to carry such a burden...too young too fresh for what was hidden round the corner. but I never knew nor ever suspected the roiling in her psyche...this young one full of sunbeam glow and hidden darkside dreams kept her head up long enough to fool the Light into thinking She was well.

but, later there came the shattering of crystal and an innocence so sorely tested that she broke and tried to end her hurt.

a tall one this...of rounded face and strength in shoulders broad to match the weight of five times tried and five times failed...this child...a daughter, quiet and bright...is now draped and bowed by sorrow yet still might recover if the Light once held can thrash about as majically as its Power would allow. if nothing else she'll move along stumbling slowly to a father who in her dreams stands crying softly in a dying light.

So be this.

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