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here on the mountain mist shrouds the Gate as leaves fall like rain...it is a Dark time presaging a Winter soon to come to the North.

there is discord in the Court as many are unhappy with the harshness of the Queen. She is a terrible sovereign and shows no mercy to those who offend Her or to those who refuse Her direction...this i relate as the Owl speaks.

in olden times this season about to descend on the Gate, and all those within the Court of Leaves, was a time to corral and drive out unwanted Devils...so too it is now. The Owl relates how the preparation for that Driving has caused grief for many of the Queen’s subordinates.

It is a Dark Time and the Barred One finds comfort in His relation.

The Red Queen has long objected to the fact that these Souls of the Dead, those who die on Mt. Hunger, move then to inhabit trees within Her jurisdiction. Once a year She organizes the Court to drive those Souls from Her trees, from Her domain. Not everyone agrees with Her prompting but, as I said, She is Terrible and must be obeyed.

There are many who watch and wait.

So be this.

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