red queen
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High on the mountain, lead by Akta, I was taken to the Red Queen and introduced to the Court of Leaves. The Court of Leaves surrounds and protects not only Mt. Hunger but, too, all access to the mountain.

Long independent of all outside the Court, it was established that a conduit needed to be created between the Court and Outside for, though Vermont is the least populated state in the colonized land called the United States, there have been intrusions into the Court of Leaves. The Red Queen dictated the creation of a "Gate." A Gate to regulate the activity of wasichu.

Why did Akta come for me 10 years after I arrived on the mountain? Why was I presented to the Queen and then asked to become Gatekeeper to the Court of Leaves? Why was I then assaulted (as you will learn) by a member of that Court?

That I am Tsalagi, an isolationist, steeped in fantasy and the bizarre may have had something to do with it. One must be able to see in order to see, no? Ultimately though it does not matter why the Court made itself visible to me. What matters is that I am Gatekeeper.

What matters is that I was chosen and am dedicated now to the preservation and safety of the Court.

So be this.

Akta, in the Beginning

the Red Queen dreams